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Wed., Sept. 4, 2013, midnight

Priggee fine with vitriol

I’m sure Milt Priggee will be happy to know that his stormy reign as The Spokesman-Review’s political cartoonist is remembered by letter writer Robert Joy (“Ramirez right, so go left,” Aug. 29). But I guarantee you Milt would choke at Joy’s characterization of his departure from this newspaper: “The S-R received so many letters attacking his work with vitriol and intolerance that he decided to move on.”

Milt is my friend and former colleague, and I can assure you, he never shied from vitriol. He thrived on it. He considered it his duty to anger readers. That, in my experience, is pretty typical of political cartoonists, who, sadly, are a vanishing breed.

If you want to make a political cartoonist’s day – including Milt Priggee’s or Michael Ramirez’s – write a scathing letter to the editor about his or her work.

Doug Floyd


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