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Tax idea is garbage

This is garbage. The minute we heard rumblings about our Spokane Valley City Council thinking of changing the garbage pickup arrangement, well, we knew. The only reason would be that then the city of Spokane Valley could levy a utility tax on it. You’ve tried to tax water and electricity and found out you couldn’t. You’ve put a tax on the phone bills and now, of course, like every other city that we were supposedly not going to be like, you just can’t stop taxing.

I will do my best to inform other citizens of this city what you are planning and to get a petition going to stop your plan. What we have now works perfectly well. To levy a tax on a city that was formed on the premise of “no new taxes” is a slap in the face of those who really wanted incorporation as well as those who knew beforehand what it would mean: more taxes.

The time to stop is now.

Marilyn Vollmer

Spokane Valley


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