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Massey preaches party line

After reading the Aug. 24 Spokesman-Review column by Steve Massey, pastor of Hayden Bible Church, I felt as if had just listened to Fox News, or a representative of the Republican Party. The premise of Massey’s column appears to be that those who have less in America are stealing from those who have more.

Biblical quotations are intertwined with Grand Old Party (GOP) code words and talking points such as, “Those unwilling to work will not get to eat.” Missing from the column are the words “welfare queens,” because these words have been phased out by the party of the rich.

In the same issue of The Spokesman-Review, a column from the Chicago Tribune notes that the farm bill in Congress would pay large and unnecessary financial subsidies to wealthy agricultural producers, but there is no renewal of foods stamps for the needy in the bill.

As the wealthy few bribe our elected representatives (campaign contributions) to rig the tax code and to rig our economic system to benefit the rich, talking points demonizing “those who have less” come too frequently from the GOP, Republican pundits, and perhaps even from the pulpit.

Mary Ellen Haker



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