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Theater in the Inland Northwest has had a rough summer, with one company voting to close its doors, another struggling through a financial shortfall and a third going through a legal battle with its artistic director. What are your thoughts about the value theater adds to the community in the Inland Northwest? Do you attend productions? Which ones have you loved? Is theater worth supporting, in your opinion? Why or why not?

Kerrie Chase: We need the arts and especially theater to inspire creativity and culture. I have been an audience member of local productions since 1991. My recent favorites include Civic Theater’s production of “Grease” and Coeur d’Alene Summer Theater’s production of “9 to 5.”

Kirsten Schierman: Have attended a variety of shows at all the local venues through the years. A town without live theater is like a house without books! Where’s the culture? It’s up to us as a community to show support for the arts in all formats.

Don Iarussi: The arts has been overtaken by way too many liberals who have lost direction. There is nothing new in theater, film, art. Just the same baseless messages from the left.

George Green: As the Exec/Artistic Director of Lake City Playhouse, I can proudly say that while we are not professional, we strive to be as professional as possible with our presentations. We do our best to provide a balanced season so there is something for everyone to see.

Kristen Nauditt: The arts are incredibly valuable to life, whether you realize it or not. They can help build a strong community and fuel creativity. Without such skills there would be no innovation or progress to our culture.

Kat Spilde: My daughter from a very young age has been drawn to the performing arts. I was hesitant to encourage it at first. However, she has learned history and culture through performing in such works as Annie and Oliver… She continues to gain great organizational and team working skills by helping with costuming and stage design. … She is 14 and so much more mature than many of her peers. I attribute much of that to her experiences in the performing arts.

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