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President is laughable

The world has been laughing at America since President Barack Obama was elected the first time, so what’s catastrophic with doing nothing about Syria and letting the world laugh a bit longer? What’s dangerous is taking the wrong action with Syria.

The plan so far has been similar to throwing a few rocks at a hornets’ nest, hoping the hornets will behave rationally. History shows that when you throw rocks at a nest of hornets you get stung, as does anyone else in proximity to the hornets (Israel). Then the hornets simply rebuild the nest.

Let Obama come before Congress and the people to make his case. Let Obama tell us who he supports: the Bashar Assad regime or al Qaeda (the 9-11 perpetrators). If he doesn’t, and continues to play golf, then America should sit on its hands regarding Syria.

In this case, doing nothing is a safer action than acting in a no-win situation. Maybe next time Obama will think a bit more about what he says.

Doug Belcher



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