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The Slice: Avoid restaurants with revolving doors

Here’s the problem with Spokane.

If conversations I overhear are any indication, there are people who won’t check out a new restaurant because they assume it’s just going to close before long.

Just wondering: Are you old enough to remember when most Catholics did not eat meat on Fridays?

Just wondering 2: Being from what state almost guarantees that you are going to be regularly embarrassed by something a public person back there does or says?

Feedback on last Friday’s Slice: “Today’s column brought back memories,” a male friend wrote a week ago. “The loops in the back of shirts were called Fruit Loops in my elementary school. You either cut them off or some kid would come up from behind and rip it off, yelling ‘Fruit Loop!’ Was years before I got the reference. I remember the white socks purge in junior high. Got a bad case of athlete’s foot because of the dye from colored socks. When white socks were prescribed by the doc, I wore colored socks over them. Tight fit, but worth it. Ninth grade was Levi’s 501s button fly. Every day. Getting them to shrink to the perfect length was trial and error.”

Warm-up question: Do you remember being a kid and thinking that school-year Fridays were the best day of the week because the weekend loomed large, inflated with perfect potential and the promise of total fulfillment? Sure, Saturday could be great. But really, how often did it fully live up to expectations? And, of course, Sundays were a bacon-flavored treasure. But eventually you heard a rumbling. It was Monday coming down the tracks.

Today’s Slice question (for those who have lived in several different locations in the Spokane area): Have you ever been at home and thought “Hey, I think I’ll run over to …” and then remember that while the store or takeout place you have in mind was near your old home it is a long way from where you now live?

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