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Disservice to Belton

Regarding the article “Teen claims vet dealt crack, (Aug. 28)” written by Kaitlin Gillespie: I was disheartened to say the least to read the rhetoric of a skewered accusation made against the veteran gentleman, Delbert Belton.

Anyone who makes a hateful accusation against someone without proof proves absolutely, especially in this case, they shouldn’t be given a voice – lest they taint the reputation of another who cannot represent their self, due to their life being taken. In short, let the courts handle it.

Disheartening as well, this article was not newsworthy in anyway, and likely caused undue stress on Belton’s family and close friends; stress they did not deserve.

To the hundreds of people who participated in the candlelight vigil for the veteran gentleman, Delbert Belton, and to the professional insight and swift action of the Spokane Police Department, God bless you.

Joanne Henderson



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