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Switching support to Dansel

I served as Stevens County commissioner, District 1, for eight years until I retired at the end of my second term in 2008. It has been almost five years since I left public office, yet I keep involved with the issues facing Stevens County residents out of loyalty to my constituents.

Early in the race in Legislative District 7, I openly endorsed the incumbent, Sen. John Smith. However, after carefully examining the resumes of both Ferry County Commissioner Brian Dansel and Smith, I have reconsidered my position, and decided to support Dansel for District 7 senator.

After three years as county commissioner, Dansel is well-acquainted with our natural resource base industries: timber, mining, ranching, forest recreational use, etc., and feels that the wolf problems are living proof that agriculture should be represented on the state Fish and Wildlife Commission, which calls for legislative restructuring of that department.

Dansel is committed to find solutions to support our public schools system, and also feels that the Highway 395 north-south corridor, being a North American Free Trade Agreement route, should have high priority. Please vote for Brian Dansel.

Tony Delgado

Loon Lake, Wash.


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