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The Slice: Seasons change with hint of regret

Sat., Sept. 7, 2013

Mike Almond reflected on his audit of the season.

“The older I get the more September reminds me that another summer is past and asks: ‘Did you wring every last bit of enjoyment, every piece of goodness out of it you could?’

“Even after a quite full and satisfying summer like this one, I am afraid my answer always comes up on the ‘No’ side.”

Mistakes were made: “My camping dream was to crawl into a cozy sleeping bag on a weeklong camping trip in the Colorado Rockies,” wrote Nancy Betts of Spokane Valley. “My dear husband was so busy checking to see if I had packed enough goodies that he forgot to pack our sleeping bags and mattresses. Instead I was provided with a dusty, stiff tarp, a shedding Labrador retriever and a very sorry husband.”

Today’s piece of study-habits advice: “First, don’t procrastinate,” wrote Mike Altman, a Slice reader who said he speaks from experience.

Bed city: Slice reader Jean Kindem has a theory about why Spokane is sometimes viewed as a rather sleepy burg. “There are more places to buy a mattress than there are fast-food restaurants.”

Charlotte Thacker wonders: How many others have mistaken their recycling bins for their lawn waste bins?

“I’ve done it three times, and each time I made the error the debris I dumped into the recycling bin was not a nice tidy branch or two from a shrub but a huge mountain of dusty swept-up pine and fir needles from the driveway. Three times my neighbors have been treated to seeing me dump a full load of the mish-mash onto my driveway, pick out the recycling items for return to their bin, then load the yard waste into its bin.”

Slice answer: In the matter of the question — How many times did you get sent to the principal’s office? — Alan Howard had his own query.

“Did you mean in one day or for the whole year? Seems I almost lived there.”

Today’s Slice question: Who around here has watched the highest percentage of “Saturday Night Live” installments since the series began in the fall of 1975?

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