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Countdown to Obamacare

As we count down the days before Obamacare starts being implemented (Oct. 1), let’s review how close we were to not having it passed.

Minnesota’s Al Franken was elected in a down-to-the-wire finish, in a Senate race for a key position that put the winner in a position to decide if Obamacare became a law or would be a near miss. The Republican candidate had a narrow margin, according to news reports, until about 1,900 votes were discovered. These votes turned the lead to Franken, and he was the 60th vote that was needed to pass Obamacare.

This is not the first questionable election, and both parties have profited from the results of other elections. However, we must remember Speaker Nancy Pelosi saying at the 10th hour that we must vote now, and we will have time to read it after it is passed.

We should also remember that the Republican Party had no real input for Obamacare. Do you think that historians will examine this with a fine-toothed comb and be asking for years why there was so little uproar from our citizens? Was your voice heard?

Gerald Ray



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