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Shooting review predictable

According to the reports in The Spokesman-Review and other news sources, police officers pretty much had Danny Jones boxed-in with their vehicles in the Salvation Army parking lot. In his attempt to get away, Jones rammed into a couple of the police cars.

“Fearing for their safety,” the officers peppered Jones’ pickup with bullets and killed him. He was unarmed. The pictures I saw showed bullet holes only in the side of the truck, none in the front. Moreover, it looked like the windshield was intact. Interesting.

An investigation will, of course, now be made by other police and law enforcement agencies. Why, pray tell, go through the charade? We all know that it will be ruled a justifiable homicide.

Gail Gerlach fired one shot at a thief who was stealing his SUV. As bad luck would have it, that one hasty shot killed the crook who turned out to be unarmed. Too bad he didn’t say he was afraid for his safety. After all, he was alone and the thief might have thrown the rig into reverse and run over him.

Ken Campbell

Deer Park


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