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Sun., Sept. 8, 2013

Syria not our responsibility

We do not support military action in Syria. There have been so many other atrocities in the world we ignored. So why this one? We are war-bankrupt, and we have used our sons and daughters in the military so poorly. We need to stop.

Regardless of what kind of an animal Bashar Assad is, we can’t continue to be the world’s policemen. And we are neither isolationists nor pacifists. We acted intelligently with our European allies in Libya, but Moammar Gadhafi was going out no matter what. Syria is not the same. The Middle East is not our problem; it was caused by centuries of bad policies in Europe. We need to protect Israel, no doubt, but this is not the way. For 70 years the Middle East has not agreed on peace. Let the Arab countries destroy themselves so the rest of us can move on.

We are strong enough to protect ourselves and our allies. While we bankrupt ourselves with unnecessary wars, fight over taxes, hoard wealth, do not create jobs, and fight over sex and religion, China is building the world’s largest armed forces and getting richer on our money. It is time to stop.

John McNamara


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