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Annie’s Mailbox: Service dog not invited to wedding

Dear Annie: Our child is getting married soon. A relative uses a service dog for a physiological disorder. The dog has not been trained by a licensed organization. Rather, the relative trained the dog herself. Unfortunately, he’s not completely well behaved in public. He barks out of turn and grooms himself inappropriately. He lies down and sprawls out, consuming a lot of floor space. We heard that he once nipped someone’s hand.

Normally, we don’t concern ourselves with whether or not this is a legitimate, trained service dog. However, with all of the small children and multiple people at this wedding, the bride and groom do not wish to have this dog present. Based on the disabilities laws and requirements for service dogs in our state, we’ve decided that we do not need to include this particular dog. So how do I tell this relative? Do I call her? Include a note in the invitation? How do I diplomatically word such a request? – Dog-Free Wedding

Dear Wedding: Please don’t put this in the invitation. Call the relative and tell her that you are so sorry you cannot accommodate her dog at the wedding due to the large number of guests and small children. Perhaps you could offer her a “plus one” so she can bring a friend. But be prepared for her to put up a fuss about it and threaten not to come. How you handle that is up to you.

Dear Annie: “Awaiting Your Help” said one husband tags along with his wife to her once-a-month night out with five other women. He may be demanding to come with her. He may be a controlling abuser who will not let his wife have a life of her own. Her friends should gently probe that possibility. One day, she may not be allowed to show up at all. – Just Sayin’

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