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Tue., Sept. 10, 2013

Nuclear power necessary

I hope Amy Goodman will change her opinion (Aug. 30) of nuclear power once she knows the truth. It was not the nuclear power plant in Japan that caused the disaster there; it was the tsunami that caused it. If the Japanese had located the plant on the other side of their country, the tsunami would have still happened, but the power plant would not have been harmed.

Why is it that the word nuclear scares people here so much when so many countries rely on nuclear power for their total source of energy? It’s like refusing to fly because a plane crashed when we know that flying is the safest way to travel. There are thousands of nuclear power plants in the world and accidents are almost nonexistent.

We need to stop our reliance on carbon-related fuels as they – not nuclear energy – are causing the warming of our planet. We are going to destroy this beautiful place we call home if we continue our joy ride with carbon fuels.

Margaret Davies


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