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Tue., Sept. 10, 2013, midnight

Therapy lacking at Mead

I am a parent of an autistic boy with speech and motor problems. The military has allowed us to live in some great and not so great places. A place is great if my son is getting therapy he needs at school.

I am appalled at how my son’s school district – Mead – does his “therapy.” The speech therapist won’t work on social skills with my son, only articulation and language. Aren’t social skills a part of language? None of the kids will play with him because he has no social skills.

His school has a physical therapist instead of an occupational therapist. The physical therapist works on his fine and gross motor skills. He has problems with handwriting and sensory integration, and an OT should work on that. A PT should be working on his balance in physical education. He just can’t keep up with regular kids, which gives them more ammunition to exclude him.

Some parents told me that the district will give you what you want if you complain and threaten. Why should I do this when he and other kids need proper therapy? Shame on you, Mead. Count me out on your next bond/levy election.

Cecelia Gardner


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