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Lament for lost band

What a shame to lose the 560th Air Force Band of the Northwest as a result of inactivation. This brings an end to a very special era for the Washington Air National Guard, as well as the whole Air Force. For almost 70 years, this unit has presented world-class entertainment and good will to our community and the nation.

No other mission our military does is so universally accepted with praise and thanks. Those of us who served in wars far from the security of home were always excited to encounter their enthusiasm and music. With the 560th performances, we knew we were not forgotten, and still inexorably linked to the proud traditions of our armed services. We have lost a proud symbol of freedom not only for those of us in the Inland Northwest, but so many others around the world.

Sadly, your music and talent has been inactivated, but each of you who served with the 560th should know you are remembered with admiration and deep gratitude. You were always the headline performers for the Lilac Parade. Your diligent service reflects great credit on the state of Washington, the United States Air Force and the United States of America.

Craig Weddle

Spokane Valley


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