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Wed., Sept. 11, 2013, midnight

Small business misunderstood

In response to Swede Little’s Aug. 30 letter saying “monopolist, greedy, big box stores and chain fast food; hardly small business:”

What really shows is lack of knowledge of small business. What most don’t realize is chain fast food is typically an independent franchise with a very small profit margin.

Workers are usually teenagers or retired people. Minimum-wage jobs are the first rung of the ladder for young people entering the job market, where they learn work skills and gain experience. They can choose to move up if they are willing to learn, or they can go to school.

I grow tired of people who have never owned a small business who seem to think they can fix what isn’t broken.

A small-business owner every day prays that an expensive piece of equipment doesn’t break down, a customer doesn’t decide to sue for some bogus reason, or an employee doesn’t get hurt, which increases your workers’ comp tax. Washington has the nation’s highest workers’ comp benefits, the fifth-highest unemployment insurance benefits and the highest minimum wage, so Little needs to explain how small business is reaping profits, and why workers preparing food should make $15 an hour.

Julie Lee


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