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THURSDAY, SEPT. 12, 2013

Kerry can’t be serious

Secretary of State John Kerry was quoted in a Sept. 4 McClatchy-Tribune article saying to Congress: “This is not the time for armchair isolationism. This is not the time to be spectators to slaughter.”

The military and U.S. citizens have been “spectators to slaughter” for more than 10 years.

Everyone is all too aware of the residual effects and collateral damage of military intervention in the Middle East. The “known-knowns,” as former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld dubbed them, are impossible to ignore after all this time.

Kerry is to be admired for his service and career, but referring to those opposed to military intervention in Syria as “armchair isolationists” is just wrong. Maybe the supporters of use of military force (defense contractors, oil companies, neo-con chicken hawks) could be called “bar stool warmongers.”

Not to make light of this issue, but someone has already coined the phrase “But, Syriasly. …”

Sherry Hutchison


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