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Success without poverty

Ron Myers, really, “America is awash in poverty?” (Aug. 31). Has Myers ever traveled outside Spokane County? I think not, because I have had that opportunity and you would not believe what poverty means in Indonesia, South Africa or Mexico.

My father and mother emigrated from Germany in 1954 with nothing, and I mean nothing, on their backs. Yet, without any government intervention, they built a business without food stamps, rent subsidies, SNAP, etc. Simply work. Work.

By the way, his statement “No one asks to be born”: That’s one point he got right. I was not asked to be born. My biological parents had the guts to put me up for adoption, and I was fortunate to have such wonderful parents to adopt me, instead of throwing my fetus on a cold tray to die. I really don’t wish to live in Myer’s world.

Steve Hintyesz



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