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Demand responsible action

We have a constitutional crisis. However, not enough people seem upset.

Yet again, U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder has announced the administration will stop enforcing the law, this time the one blocking benefits to partners of military veterans in same-sex marriages. It is a slippery slope when the chief government lawyer publicly states any law will not be enforced. Proceeding in this manner is much easier than allowing our elected representatives to change the law. Kings and despots proceed in this way, which our founders wanted to stop.

Our constitutional government is divided into three branches, established so they could check and balance each other. In civics class, we learned the legislative branch is to make the law, the executive branch is to carry it out and the judicial branch is to interpret it. Where is Congress when their law is changed by the executive branch?

How can we rely on the law being stable if it can be changed by executive fiat? Apparently, it’s difficult for Americans to demand responsible action by their government, but they sure know how to text, tweet and post to Facebook.

Donald Brockett



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