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Fri., Sept. 13, 2013

The Spokane-Coeur d’Alene area has many cool public art features, like Harold Balazs’ fountain in Riverfront Park, Ken Spiering’s Red Wagon and David Govedare’s Feathers in Coeur d’Alene. We asked readers for their favorites. Here’s what they said

Andrew Larson

I really like Harold Balazs’ sculpture in the river.

Whitney Spencer

I love the fountain downtown. It’s beautiful and gives much joy to kids and adults.

Kathy Evans

I like the feathers on Northwest Boulevard….

Isaac Jack Jr.

Abraham Lincoln statue

Janessa Lawson

The wagon is iconic and also interactive, so I’d say it’s my favorite. Just wish it weren’t covered in graffiti.

Stephen Terry

It is hard to pick a personal favorite as I enjoy so many. Because part of enjoying art is seeing others enjoy it as well, the Riverfront Park Fountain, the Red Wagon, and the (Garbage) Goat are pieces I like for that reason. However, I really enjoy the bench at Cannon Pool, as well as Riverdance at the Convention Center. Conversations Between Clouds (at Spokane International Airport) is great but it is in a bad location. All the negative vibes of the fear and heavy security at the airport offsets its beautiful attempt to portray the freedom and joy of soaring in the clouds. Perhaps Felts Field would have been a better location. Sadly 9/11 changed so many things about our culture. Tsutakawa’s fountain (in front of the INB Performing Arts Center) is also delightful.

Mikhale Rogers

I walked past the long jumper at the Arena to get a Chiefs ticket last week, so it’s my most recent favorite.

Brie Edwards

I like the “monks building” statues (not sure of the real name of them) behind the INB Performing Arts building. They are just so randomly located.

Marc Anthony

I was very surprised by CdA’s feathers. They are in an unexpected place – and surprise you when you come upon them.


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