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The Slice: Don’t let clubs cloud your judgment

If, for you, the words “live music” always conjure images of indoor air thick with cigarette smoke, it could be that your references need updating.

Maybe with some images from this century.

Let’s move on.

One reason some adults around here are crazy: The Spokane area is home to its share of people who, when young and vaguely countercultural, repudiated the bourgeois notion of obsessing about lawns.

Then they grew up and acquired a yard to tend. And when, say, nut-hiding rodents or digging dogs assault the lawn, the individual in question faces a bizarre test of his or her legacy of laid-backness.

What to do? Keep it all in calm perspective? Or yell at the squirrels? “Hey, man! That digging is uncool!”

The Slice should have a memory contest: “Between March 1954 and June 1961, when I was an hourly employee in the Sunshine Mine, I read old magazines stashed in the 3100 level lunch room,” wrote Bob Launhardt.

He still remembers some of the articles and cartoons.

Spot the bogus opera titles: “The Bohemian Girl,” “The Magic Flute,” “The Barber of Seville,” “La Marmota,” “The Merry Widow,” “The Daughter of the Regiment,” “Lucia di Manito,” “Carmen of Deer Park.”

That’s correct.

It says here: If the kitchen isn’t a bit of a mess when you are almost done with the preparations, the sandwich is apt to be sort of boring.

Which Cheech and Chong movie is more apt to stand the test of time: “Up in Smoke” or “Still Smokin”?

Enough with pirates already: Perhaps it is time for Talk Like a (     ) Day.

Warm-up questions: If your domicile had a name along the lines of the grand estates in Jane Austen novels, what would it be? Did you imagine Bugs Bunny living in a certain part of the United States? Would you rather have people simply not answer the phone and let you leave a message or pick up the call and tell you right away that they don’t have time to talk?

Today’s Slice question: What’s a Friday the 13th bad luck omen peculiar to the Spokane area?

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