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Sat., Sept. 14, 2013, midnight

A right to know

Dismissive, condescending, patronizing, paternalistic and, per RCW 42.52.180, a possible violation of state law. This is how I would describe the Washington State University Tri-Cities-sponsored talk; “The Science of Crop Biotechnology and the Myths of Food Labeling Initiatives.”

When professor Allen Felsot uses examples from the “No on Initiative 522” fact sheet on labeling a pizza box as one of his perceived weaknesses of labeling, one has to wonder why WSU allows free rein for those opposing labeling. I was under the impression that professors were to abstain from political positions on ballot propositions. WSU professors who support labeling decline to openly discuss the issue at this time.

Felsot may never understand or chooses to ignore that it is our right to know. Period. He asked the audience to trust science. This statement is transparent in his belief that those who want to know what is in their food are anti-science or incapable of understanding.

Which then begs the question, why should we believe his science over scientists who are pro-labeling? After multiple false statements heard in a short time frame, I would not trust him with my choice to feed my family.

I-522 is solely about the right to know.

Andie Frostad


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