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Sat., Sept. 14, 2013

Leadership is lacking

What are politicians thinking?

President Obama has an appointment with Russia’s Vladimir Putin, but gets upset because the National Security Agency’s leaker isn’t returned to the United States, which is politically impossible due to no extradition treaty, which Russia has requested. With pride hurt and ignoring possible solutions, he cancels the appearance. Persons acting this way in grade school are deemed spoiled brats.

Now, Republicans. Russia suggests their top politicians meet with our top politicians to discuss the Syrian problem. Ignoring the possibility of reaching a nonconfrontational agreement and possible political coup, the two leading Republican congressmen refuse.

Just two examples of weaknesses in our political system. Open any newspaper to find many more. We need to rid ourselves of this political hierarchy through the electoral process. Start with new representatives who listen to “we the people,” not just act like they do.

Remember, when the Constitution was created, politics was not meant to be a career.

Jim Cole


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