September 14, 2013 in Letters, Opinion

Odd criticism of Israel


How odd to read on Sept. 11, the day we were attacked by Arab terrorists, a local organizer sponsors a billboard critical of Israel, the only American ally and democracy left standing in the Middle East.

Surely, as a veteran he must be aware that no American boots have suffered harm on Israeli soil, compared to numerous U.S. deaths and injuries in Iraq, Afghanistan, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, etc. Furthermore, many active and retired military personnel have highlighted to me the extensive cooperation between our country and Israel in terms of national and international law enforcement.

The organizer’s misguided notion that foreign aid expenditures deleteriously affect bridge work in our state needs clarification: Our country’s budget is most severely impacted by military expenses, Medicare, Medicaid and interest on the debt; foreign aid to all countries accounts for less than 1 percent of our budget.

Furthermore, the business connections with Israel and re-investments in American companies render his argument invalid. How many other aid recipients impact our economy in a positive manner?

Instead of placing a misleading and inflammatory billboard, the organizer should focus on the inhumane Syrian and Iranian governments or their terrorist proxies, Hamas and Hezbollah. Russia would be another great option.

Joseph Harari


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