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A different change

Those who voted for Obama (again) hoping that change might still happen have proven that you can indeed fool most of the people all of the time. Of course if by change you were actually hoping for double-digit unemployment and a 1.6 percent annual growth, annual deficits over $1 trillion, a nationalized health care system that even the backers are now fleeing from and calling a train wreck, four scandals within a year (any one of which would have the national media calling for impeachment of a Republican president) and a current foreign policy that could aptly be described as “forewarn and irritate” rather than “shock and awe,” you should be feeling pretty good about now. All three of you.

How could we be so naïve to believe a man with no foreign policy experience could actually run our country? Well, we’ve gotten change all right; but not the change we were hoping for.

Hal Dixon



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