September 15, 2013 in Sports

It’s not soccer!


Why, oh why, do Americans insist on calling football soccer?

Manchester United F.C., for which (David) Beckham used to play, says “soccer” while in the U.S. When he goes home, he calls it football.

I realize he does it for money – as we know he has no loyalty to his team or country. You Americans have a game played with an oval ball, and is caught with hands, not feet. We (English) have a round ball and it is hit with feet and head and touched with hands when it is thrown back into the game.

I do not know why this drives me so crazy, but it is just another American thing I can’t stand.

Please answer this for me. I know, love it or leave it. I would leave in a heartbeat, but on $700 a month, unless I win the lottery, that’s not likely.

Pamela Canderaria

Spokane Valley

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