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Sun., Sept. 15, 2013

McMorris Rodgers won’t listen

More than 30 constituents recently attended a town hall at Liberty Park United Methodist Church to discuss immigration reform. Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers failed to show, nor did she send staff.

As a wife, mother and representative, it is unfortunate that she was unwilling to listen to concerns about family unity and reunification or prioritize issues that profoundly affect those who pick the produce each of us consume (in other words, our overall economy).

Where are her priorities? Are we paying her to represent us, not simply stand behind House Speaker John Boehner as he digs the Republicans’ heels into the quagmire of resistance at all cost? It is a sad state of affairs when she turns a blind eye to issues of dignity and human rights.

Her responses to my numerous contacts always begin with, “It is an honor to represent the people of Eastern Washington and I appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts with me.” If she is so truly honored and appreciative, why did she make no attempt to represent herself at our town hall?

Sounds like a pretty dysfunctional relationship with her constituents. She obviously doesn’t care to put much effort into doing the hard work of listening and representing.

Paul McDonnell


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