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Sun., Sept. 15, 2013, midnight

Promote peace credits

Carbon credits are used to help minimize global warming and balance the amount of carbon we put in our environment. Some people put a lot of carbon in the environment and do nothing to absorb carbon back into the earth.

Likewise, some people have a lot of conflict and violence in their environment and very little or no peace. So I suggest we create something to balance violence and conflict with peace in our environments, similar to carbon credits. Let’s call them peace credits.

The way peace credits work is we create a Peace Promotion Agency that would function much like the Environmental Protection Agency does, only the goal of the PPA would be to allocate funds to organizations that are all about promoting peace in people’s lives.

A new and upcoming organization that is all about promoting peace is the Arm-Chair Institute; search or visit

A one-cent tax would be put on guns and violent video games and this money would go to a peace fund, and the PPA would allocate those funds to organizations like the Arm-Chair Institute to help people recognize peace in their world, not necessarily the entire world.

Jay Larsen


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