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Mon., Sept. 16, 2013

Obamacare is pro-life

Obamacare is pro-life. It stops health insurance companies from telling people to just go die because they have a pre-existing heart disease, like my self-employed sister. In January, Obamacare will allow my sister to find affordable health insurance to pay for heart surgery. As a lower-middle income person, she qualifies for subsidies that make it affordable.

Obamacare is pro-children. Right now, insurance companies treat pregnancy as a pre-existing condition and won’t cover OB/GYN for nine months on individual policies. In January, under Obamacare, pregnancy will be immediately covered. Prenatal care will be provided at no co-pay. The children will get preventive health care.

Subsidies will make it affordable to young families. Young people have babies. Of course they should be insured. That is called taking responsibility and being prepared. Subsidies will keep the costs affordable.

Margaret Mortz

Spokane Valley

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