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Mon., Sept. 16, 2013

Respect amendment

In the Sept. 8 letters, Edgar Booher states that even contemplating whether Delbert Belton could have possibly sold drugs “goes beyond kicking a man when he is down. This is kicking Belton, a World War II decorated combat veteran, after he has been murdered.” If Belton had been a WWII decorated veteran who was black, sitting in a car in a dark parking lot, and the kids who robbed, assaulted and murdered him were white, because that does happen, folks, perhaps it wouldn’t be so bad to “kick a decorated WWII combat veteran” by considering and investigating what the white perpetrators state happened?

Shall we just throw out the Sixth Amendment, and therefore everyone’s right to tell their story at a fair trial? And let’s just shame anyone who dares to keep an open mind, or to investigate perpetrator statements because clearly it’s a terrible insult to the victim.

We have suffered a great loss of three lives and untold effects on families. My deepest condolences to the family and friends of Belton, to our community as a whole, and to families of the two boys involved.

Elizabeth McGee


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