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TUESDAY, SEPT. 17, 2013

Don’t trust the tests

Anti-genetically modified organism labeling folks talk about supposed product safety tests. The tests are designed, conducted and paid for by the creators and then peer-reviewed by select supporters.

The tests don’t evaluate the serious implications of random foreign proteins created by a dirty science process that has approximately a 1 in 10,000,000 chance of accurately inserting the foreign DNA into the target. The Food and Drug Administration doesn’t even look at the raw test data for possible manipulation.

These tests come from the same people who say it’s perfectly safe to eat glyphosate weed killer, who said DDT was safe, and the creators of Agent Orange. They make over $8 billion per year just in technology licensing fees (excluding seed and chemical sales). They spend millions more to confuse the public and influence government policy.

But that isn’t the point. Initiative 522 isn’t about safety. It’s about my right to decide what food I eat and how I spend my food dollars. Vote yes on I-522 to label genetically engineered food.

Marilyn Darilek


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