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Thu., Sept. 19, 2013

What our flag stands for

Our flag stands for a republic (rule of law), not a democracy (mob rule). Our republic has laws that protect the minority from the tyranny of a possibly uninformed and manipulated majority.

An example: A mob-rule posse wants to lynch a desperado, but a U.S. marshal enforces constitutional laws that guarantee a fair trial to establish guilt or innocence (due process).

Consider: When 51 percent of the majority of voters who are entitlement and welfare recipients, government employees (federal, state, county, city) outvote the hard-working and tired 49 percent minority, we will have taken a “one-way road to tyranny.”

Currently, however, President Barack Obama keeps referring to us as a “constitutional democracy.” When did that change? Or did that happen by executive order?

It’s interesting to note that Benjamin Franklin was asked, “What have we got, a republic or monarchy?” He said, “A republic, if you can keep it.”

Nowhere in the Constitution, the Bill of Rights (the first 10 amendments), the Declaration of Independence is the word democracy to be found. Thomas Jefferson and founding fathers wanted to protect us from democracy, but ironically we’re on a binge to democratize other countries. Wow.

Joe Schoener


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