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Sat., Sept. 21, 2013

Chain Congress to reality

Some members of Congress have devised another plan to steal Social Security benefits from the American people. They call it “chained CPI.” How it works: The first year $50 is deducted; the second year $50 plus $50 equals $100; the third year $50 plus $50 plus $50 equals $150, and so on for 10 years. This plan is aimed at the people who are already receiving benefits.

Congress is out of control and no longer represents the views of the American people. This is evident by the passage of Obamacare against the overwhelming opposition of the American people.

It’s time for the American people to unite and demand the passage of The Congressional Reform Act of 2013. Since this act directly affects Social Security and how Congress operates, it will only be passed if the American people demand its passage.

To be effective this act must be passed intact with no congressional amendments.

Arlie Kellogg


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