September 21, 2013 in Letters, Opinion

Israel’s security important


I know there are many veterans for peace who are also ardent supporters of Israel and understand that Israel’s security is important to American interests. I appreciate that you offered a coherent response to the absurd anti-Israel billboard on I-90 regarding the 10-year military aid package to Israel.

This aid is not simply a donation to Israel. It is required that 73.7 percent of that aid is spent on U.S.-made equipment, so the money comes back home. Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs Nicholas Burns, who signed the memorandum of understanding on U.S. military assistance, stated, “We consider this $30 billion in assistance to Israel to be an investment in peace – in long term peace. Peace will not be made without strength.”

Given the turmoil in the world and the timing of the billboard placement, there is little doubt the true intent behind the billboard is to delegitimize Israel; the only real democracy in the Middle East, where all citizens; Arab, Christian, Jewish, secular, religious, female, male, gay and straight, have a voice, and are represented in government.

It’s far from perfect, but peace and security for all inhabitants is a priority in Israel.

Mary Noble


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