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Sat., Sept. 21, 2013

President stands tall

Recently, I read a quote from Abraham Lincoln: “No man stands so tall when he stoops to help a child.” So what happens when children are laid at their parents’ feet in convulsions and excruciating pain, victims of chemical weapons used by a government against its own citizens?

This heinous disregard for the most basic international norm moved President Barack Obama to seek congressional approval to use military force to degrade the capacity of the perpetrators, but also to warn others that America will enforce the ban on such horrific weapons. Because of the threat of an American strike, Russia agreed to work toward a diplomatic solution. Syria will turn over its weapons and our military will continue to keep the pressure on Syria and Russia.

President Obama’s good sense has stopped the possibility of a disastrous war. Yet, some are still entangled in hatred and vitriol, seeking to undermine the president’s every action, instead of supporting his efforts to avert our involvement in a Middle East inferno.

The president, our commander-in-chief, does not seek popularity. He is above it; he does what is right. And, therefore, in my eyes, he is the tallest man on the face of the earth.

Halina Slobodow


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