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Report of gunshot closes Valley Fire station

The Pinecroft Fire Station at 2110 N. Wilbur Road in Spokane Valley was briefly taken out of service the evening of Sept. 12 after someone reportedly fired a gun across the street.

Two people knocked on the station door to report the gunfire. Firefighters invited them inside to keep them safe while the police were called, said Spokane Valley Fire Department Assistant Fire Marshal Bill Clifford. The station was taken out of service to keep firefighters from potentially being exposed to gunfire if they left the station for a call, Clifford said.

Witnesses saw one suspect drive away and another suspect running west on the railroad tracks next to the station, Clifford said. Firefighters were able to direct police to the man on foot when he tried to hide in a nearby field, he said. “It sounds like they got the one person, but not the other,” Clifford said.

Other events reported the week of Sept. 12-18:

Sept. 12: 12112 E. Alki Ave., 5:45 p.m., a 14-year-old boy was playing with matches and set some bushes on fire. An apartment resident grabbed a hose and put the fire out before it spread to the attic. Estimated $10,000 in damage.

Sept. 13: 4700 E. Third Ave., 10:58 a.m., fireworks suspected cause of a small fire along the freeway.

Sept. 14: 12412 E. Eighth Ave., 8:24 a.m., a cigarette started a small fire. 1600 S. Dishman-Mica Road, 4:18 p.m., kids playing with matches set a fence post on fire.

Tuesday: 15200 block of East 15th Avenue, 1:06 a.m., kids were spotted pouring gasoline in the street and a yard. They were apparently scared off before igniting the liquid.

Wednesday: 500 block of South University Road, 2:20 p.m., cigarette embers started a fire in a foam cushion, which was removed from the home. No damage.

Total number of calls for service: 252, including 197 for emergency medical services. Responses included four downed trees or power lines, six illegal backyard or yard-waste fires, two vehicle fires and 13 car accidents.