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The Slice: A Sunday drive down memory lane

Sun., Sept. 22, 2013, midnight

Yes, people remember growing up with the family tradition of going for Sunday drives.

“It seemed like Sunday wasn’t Sunday at our house without our weekly ride,” said Marilyn Othmer.

Pam Pierson was amazed that her father, a navigator in World War II, could manage to get lost on the back roads of Connecticut.

Marlee Moser grew up in a small town in Montana in the 1940s. “We would drive to Butte, the nearest city, and find a parking spot uptown. Then we would sit and watch the people for Sunday entertainment.”

Sandpoint’s Diane Jones remembers mountain drives in Colorado. And Ann Echegoyen still thinks of herself as an “R.S. survivor.”

Rumble seat.

Katie Youngren remembers one Sunday drive and a stretch near Tum Tum. “We were all singing along to a song on the radio when we suddenly hit a washboard patch on the road,” she wrote. “For about 50 feet, we all had the vibrato of Tiny Tim.”

Keith Hegg wrote, “I remember my father insisting on piling all of us into the family wagon on Sundays.”

There were five boys. Some felt they had better things to do. “So there was a lot of tense silence as my dad narrated the drive.”

Angelo Chavez can still picture the Sunday drives back when he was growing up in Billings. Sometimes his family would stop for ice cream. Sometimes they would head to his grandmother’s farm. “Those days I remember, as all of us do.”

Today’s Slice question: I have been called for jury duty. Although for decades I have been on the lists from which names are drawn, in several different jurisdictions, I had never been summoned. Until now.

Perhaps those with experience can answer a few questions.

Will I be selected for a jury if I declare “I would weigh the evidence carefully and then vote to convict”? Will I get a chance to do something that will prompt the judge to say, “It’s highly irregular … but I’ll allow it.” If it is a sensational trial, should I be thinking book deal? How is it different from the movies? What should I say to reporters after the trial? In other words … what advice do you have for a first-time juror?

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