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Leave America be

Landing in a foreign country, I could see lights forever. America gave that to the world. The ability to fly came from us. For the mass production of cars, we can thank Henry Ford.

As much as we hate a lawsuit, we will have clean sheets when we go to the hospital, not sheets with someone else’s blood on them. This does happen in socialist countries.

The Soviet Union put up a satellite and America put a man on the moon. In the process, we’ve developed the personal computer, cellular phones, etc. We carry the world on medical research and developing new medication. The poor in America have more than the middle class have in socialist countries.

At the beginning of World War II, we were in a depression, and yet we were able to supply not only our own country, but England, and had some left over for China – the socialist system could not do it.

Why is everyone trying to change us or destroy the United States of America?

Jim Swinney



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