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Heed Eisenhower’s words

In 1961, President Eisenhower tried to warn us about the Military Industrial Complex. Clearly, few of our representatives and citizens were listening.

All of the people bellyaching over the possibility of having peaceful resolution with Syria are deluded. All the pundits and politicians and members of the elite 1 percent that are criticizing the move are greedy. They can see the profits that a war with Syria could create slipping through their fingers.

As the former president said: “The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists, and will persist.” It does exist, and boy has it persisted!

Let’s stop being a nation in a constant state of warfare. Let’s be reasonable, scrutinizing, objective and logical citizens. Why are so many of certain government officials so eager to drop bombs? I assure you it has very little to do with compassion and good will. It’s about lining their pockets so that the new tradition of the USA can prevail: the rich getting richer.

Lucille Left



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