September 26, 2013 in Letters, Opinion

Dansel supports schools


This letter is in response to the article regarding Sen. John Smith conducting a whirlwind tour of the school districts in the 7th District to acquaint himself with all the superintendents. I’m a school board director, and I already know the senator’s views on public schools.

He would like to get rid of all public schools and have everyone provide home schooling at home; what he has always done with his children. Smith is not a supporter of public schools or public education.

That’s why I’m supporting Brian Dansel for state senator. Dansel is supported and endorsed by the Washington Education Association and for good reason. Smith has never allowed his children to attend public schools, and I suggest the next time you see him, you ask him yourself.

Smith’s recent whirlwind tour is for politics only since this is an election year. He is appointed, not elected, and he does not have public schools on his agenda.

Please vote for Brian Dansel.

Mike Brunson


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