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Thu., Sept. 26, 2013, midnight

Protect downtown’s future

Are we or are the courts going to allow the destruction of the huge investment that Spokane County voters and numerous business people have made to make this downtown a great convention destination and also the social center of the Inland Northwest?

We have seen how downtown can be destroyed just a few decades ago with dilapidated buildings and empty storefronts throughout. Now we have a beautiful community center that those who choose to be losers are going to destroy.

There are charities, shelters and tax dollars that provide for the homeless. There is no reason for having these losers intimidating good citizens so they can live in their drug-crazed world. An expanded police presence and ambassadors in the evening are absolutely essential, along with anti-loitering ordinances and aggressive panhandling laws.

Are the courts going to allow community centers throughout America to be destroyed by societal dropouts and criminals? Are the courts going to allow all the investment and goodwill spent to turn into huge skid rows so dangerous that none of our citizens will dare to enter. Boarded-up downtowns lose hundreds of millions of tax revenues that are essential to providing government services and safety for all.

Allan LeTourneau


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