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The Inland NW Craft Beer Festival starts today and continues Saturday, with 30 Washington and North Idaho craft breweries pouring more than 70 different beers. We asked readers for their favorites among local craft brewery beers. Here’s what they said:

Aaron Cruse

An Irish Redhead brewed by MickDuffs Brewing Company in Sandpoint is the absolute best!

Tabatha Smith-Craver

Spokamber (from Budge Brothers) is possibly one of my all time favs from local brews.

Timothy Orton

There are several local IPAs that are pretty good such as Iron Goat Impaler IPA and No-Li Jet Star Imperial IPA. However, I had a Double Black IPA at Slate (Creek) Brewery in CDA that was pretty awesome too!


I’m a huge fan of (No-Li Brewhouse’s) Wrecking Ball with Jet Star as a close second.


@irongoatbrewing is doing great IPA work.

From Huckleberries online blog


I may be fudging the “Spokane area” definition, but Republic Brewery has made the best beers I’ve had in the area by far. If we dial it back a bit geographically then I think my second favorite for quality is Laughing Dog.

Sara Meyer

I’m a big fan of Laughing Dog in Sandpoint. I love their seasonal Cold Nose, so yummy! I’m also a fan of No-Li in Spokane. They have a few tasty IPAs.


J-Dub’s Pale Ale at the Paradise Creek Brewery in Pullman is outstanding. Their Over The Hop IPA is excellent too.

Jamie Lynn Morgan

The list of places that don’t brew beer I like in the Spokane and North Idaho area would be shorter :) We have a lot of GREAT beer being brewed in this area and Budge Brothers is on that list as well as Laughing Dog, No-Li, Slate Creek, Mick Duff’s, etc.


My vote would be either Over the Hop by Paradise Creek (Pullman) or Infidel by Selkirk Abbey (Post Falls). Reaching a little further out, Balebreaker is doing some great things in Yakima.