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Sat., Sept. 28, 2013

Jesus didn’t judge

Businesses will fail and careers be destroyed if gay rights are legally enforced? Penny Lancaster’s letter on Sept. 21 is downright hysterical. Homosexuality breaks the heart? It damages the body? Says who? Based on what? There is no evidence for this nonsense.

Jesus did not approve the lifestyle? How does she know? He never said. But he was not judgmental. He preached and practiced forgiveness.

Where do modern fundamentalists get the idea that Jesus was exclusionary? Jesus embraced people. He did not turn them away. He taught that all people were to be loved. He didn’t teach that some of them were to be condemned.

So what if 98 percent of evangelicals and 69 percent of Republicans oppose gay rights? Where do they get the idea that Jesus is on their side?

Try reading the New Testament again. Maybe you’ll get it right this time.

Lee Freese


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