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Sat., Sept. 28, 2013, midnight

Terminals to be outdated

In response to “Export projects benefit all of us” (Sept. 22), why build any of the three coal export terminals when the demand for coal in China, the major intended market and the driver of coal demand worldwide, is predicted to peak before 2020? This according to two recent reports, by Citibank and Bernstein Research, cited in another Spokesman-Review article on Sept. 22. From that same article: “Last week Chinese authorities announced they would ban new coal-fired power plants from three important industrial regions. …” These terminals, therefore, appear to be unnecessary.

What is entirely ignored by proponents of the terminals is the threat of accelerating climate disruption, driven in no small measure by burning coal. How is it that out-of-control climate change benefits us all? It does not. In fact, business as usual, as embodied by these coal export terminals, threatens the health of us all, actually our entire civilization. This is not hyperbole. Many of us know the truth of that threat.

Employing more people in projects that threaten our health, and civilization, is a short-sighted “benefit.” Better to employ them in clean energy projects, building a healthier, more stable future.

Bill Irving


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