September 29, 2013 in Letters, Opinion

Farmers and hunger


What we have here, not only the rich getting richer, but farmers have it made. They are getting hefty subsidy payments, even if they don’t farm their lands.

While food is taken out of the mouths of children, the elderly and the needy, there are already elderly people who have to choose between food or medicine. What’s wrong with this picture? Children everywhere are going to bed hungry and getting up hungry – and some stay hungry; same as some senior citizens and the elderly disabled.

Oh, I get the picture: These farmers get so much money (not counting their crops) that they are the biggest donors to the political campaigns. So, this is payback. We are paying a ridiculous price for bread, flour – everything that comes from farming.

I guess we have to tighten our belts some more until we have no waistline or our stomachs shrink so bad we’ll not even notice hunger, or maybe we should all combine and buy a farm and get free money.

Dorothy Payne

Spokane Valley

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