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Endorse market gardens

As a representative of the Spokane Regional Food Policy Council, I write to offer the council’s endorsement of the two urban agriculture ordinances approved by the Spokane City Council.

Working to advance policies and initiatives that foster a resilient food system in the Spokane area, the Food Policy Council believes local structures like those outlined in the livestock and market garden ordinances will help create a food system that is healthy and equitable for Spokane’s citizens, economy and environment. Comprised of farmers, food enterprises, and professionals from the public and private sectors, the Food Policy Council enthusiastically supports adoption of these two policies by the city.

Expanded capacity to responsibly keep livestock will not only spur improved food security in the city, but also create new opportunities for rural entrepreneurs to capitalize on development of an urban food system through provision of young livestock and animal feed. The ability to use the market garden model to retail home-grown produce will allow neighbors to support one another’s food access and enable economic exchange.

Each initiative will play a role in expanding the conversation around food in our community while spurring a tangible, positive impact for the city and region.

Brian Estes



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