Trader Joe’s. Whole Foods. IKEA. Fat Burger. Dairy Queen. Dominos. We asked Spokane readers on Facebook what neighborhood they live in and what business is most needed there. Dozens responded, with answers ranging from doughnut shops to crafts stores. Here’s a sampling of the most popular responses. By all means, join the conversation and put in your two cents at www.facebook.com/spokesmanreview.

Kelly Foreman

The South Hill needs a Dairy Queen.

Scott V. Byrnes

Valley needs a Fat Burger.

Athena George

Northside/Five Mile area ~ Trader Joe’s.

Virginia Thommes Nowitzki

I want another craft store option near Lincoln Heights, Hobby Lobby would be great. And a Whole Foods would be AMAZING!

Conrad Milsap

Northside near Francis. A Trader Joe’s, Huckleberry’s, or some other sort of affordable organically minded grocery store. Driving to the South Hill can be a pain!

Donald Stanfield Walls

Shadle. Open air farmer’s market at Shadle Center.

Jennifer Olson

Would love to have a small grocery store in South Perry. It is such a walkable urban neighborhood except for when it is time to pick up items that aren’t available at the Thursday Farmers’ Market.

Ken DeRidder

Live out West Plains, Big Sky area, and need a grocery store. Have to drive to Cheney, Medical Lake, Airway or downtown Spokane.

Chawna Crawford

I live in the Valley and a Trader Joe’s would be great. More local businesses would be great too.

Tonya Hinshaw

Garland district. I think a farmer’s market would be great and useful to everyone.

Aascot Lea

I live in the downtown core. I’d like to see a walkable grocery store (or City Target!) here, a more affordable co-working space, and more small, affordable storefronts for local small businesses to call home. If the boutique stores downtown had lower rent, maybe they’d lower their prices and I could patronize them.

Ginnie Williams

While I live in the valley and work on the north side, I would like to see another Tomato Street ANYWHERE! One in the entire Spokane area just isn’t enough. I don’t know how many times I’ve wanted to go there, but I knew the wait would be a LOT longer than I wanted to endure.

Suzi Swigert Walden

IKEA would be awesome in Spokane or the Valley.


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