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Not front-page news

Did Pat Lewis contact The Spokesman-Review about his procrastination issue (March 28)? David Whitmire needs to let things go. Perhaps, they both need to seek a professional to get help with their obvious delusions that the world operates by their rules.

I shouldn’t be, but I am continually surprised by people not respecting the legal system. It may be slow and tedious, but there are reasons for this. Also, why waste time suing over silly things and bog down the system further?

Whitmire should have been more cautious about this sale, and he should not have sued. It seems to have been a loose transaction, at best. However, the protagonist of this story didn’t bother to try to understand any part of his duty in this process. Lewis dealt in a risky business venture that bit him back due to his own laziness.

Why is this front-page news? I do congratulate Lewis and Whitmire for yet again making Spokane look like a backwater of intelligence. I hope they have both learned from this experience and instead of placing blame on others, learn and grow peacefully from it.

Lynn Chapman


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