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Washington records

Spokane County

Marriage licenses

Israel E. Velasco Rivera and Ashley A. Johnston, both of Spokane.

Christopher J. Altmaier and Latae M.M. McGinnis, both of Spokane.

Raymond L. Zupan and Laura C. Czecz, both of Spokane.

Bill B. Huff and Linda L. Johnson, both of Spokane.

Gregory A. Bowlick and Willa S. Hawkins, both of Spokane.

Melinda L. Smalts and Megan L. Fijalka, both of Spokane Valley.

Rodney B. Snider and Elaine L.M. Rising, both of Spokane.

Billy C. Wang, of Highland, Calif., and Hillary J. Wagner, of Loma Linda, Calif.

In the courts

Superior courts

New suits

Christopher Eaton v. Geico Indemnity Co., complaint for damages, breach of contract, violation of the Consumer Protection Act and negligence.

Perrenoud Roofing Inc. v. Derrick Fincher et al., breach of contract.

Pamil Sidhu v. Yakima Valley Farm Workers Clinic, breach of contract.

Bruce Boyden et al. v. Thrifty Payless Inc., complaint for damages.

Mamishian Irrevocable Grantor Trust v. Dustin Austin, restitution of premises.

AJJ Property Mgmt. v. Felicitas Castro et al., restitution of premises.

Douglas J. Chrysler v. Paul A. Hall, restitution of premises.

Numerica Credit Union v. Matthew A. Leppert, money claimed owed.

Patricia Milliken v. State of Washington Dept. of Corrections, complaint for gender discrimination and unlawful retaliation.

American States Insurance Co. v. Central Valley School District, complaint for declaratory relief.

Philip Kairez et al. v. Caitlyn Brennan, restitution of premises.

HSC Real Estate Inc. v. Dennis David, restitution of premises.

HSC Real Estate Inc. v. William Jacobs, restitution of premises.

Vintage at Spokane LLC v. Johanna Gilbert, restitution of premises.

Country Homes Realty LLC v. Amber Colvin, restitution of premises.

Lori A. Divilbiss et al. v. Philip M. Coff, medical malpractice.

Carl G. Jones v. Rhonda Albright et al., restitution of premises.

James Darling et al. v. Gregory D. Jeffereys et al., complaint for damages.

US Bank National Assoc. v. Dennis C. Thompson et al., foreclosure.

Nationstar Mortgage LLC v. Edward A. Dawson et al., foreclosure.

Marriage dissolution petitions

Lee, Brianna L. and Brian J.

Flansburg, Cameron D. and Lauren A.

Noggles, Jennifer E. and Ramon D.

Schleufer, Paisha and Timothy B.

Carter, Amy M. and James D.

Stynik, Olesya V. and Artem N.

Williams, Katherine J., and Crisp, Alex W.

Scolavino, Jodi M. and Kenneth G.

Sheffield, Jordan, and Gronau, Cody

Anguiano, Maria De Jesus, and Hudlemeyer, Amy M.

Marriage dissolutions granted

Campbell, Jerod C. and Katrina E.

Mae, Jessica K., and Grant, Kimberly D.

Liedle, Brittney and Shaun

Criminal sentencings

Judge Ellen Kalama Clark

Dwight I. James, 29; $2,507 restitution, eight days in jail, after pleading guilty to third-degree retail theft with special/extenuating circumstances.

Judge Harold D. Clarke III

Michael A. Moro, 27; $3,835 restitution, 36.75 months in prison, 36.75 months probation, after pleading guilty to residential burglary, first-degree theft and first-degree trafficking in stolen property.

Judge Sam F. Cozza

Patrick D. Rogers, 27; one day in jail with credit given for one day served, after pleading guilty to fourth-degree domestic violence assault.

Judge Kathleen M. O’Connor

Steven D. Kinard, 54; 45 months in prison, 45 months probation, after pleading guilty to three counts of possession of a controlled substance with intent to deliver and four counts of delivery of a controlled substance.

Judge Linda G. Tompkins

Emilio Alonzo, 43; 12 months in jail with credit given for 27 days served, after pleading guilty to violation of a foreign protection order.

Mordekye A. Layman, 27; 20 months in prison, 20 months probation, after pleading guilty to delivery of a controlled substance.

Christopher L. Tremain, 22; 18 months in prison, 18 months probation, after pleading guilty to first-degree unlawful possession of a firearm.

Judge James M. Triplet

Michael P. Ewing, 52; three days in jail, after pleading guilty to first-degree theft and third-degree assault.

Federal court

Wage-earner petitions

Christopher Johnson, 915 S. Pines Road; debts of $15,826.

James and Karen Hood, Greenacres; debts of $610,465.

Jeannette Enders, Pasco; debts of $178,104.

Mary Melville, 11019 E. Upriver Drive; debts not listed.

Timothy Jr. and Leisa Bunting, Ione, Wash.; debts of $42,517.

Alejandro Martinez, Warden, Wash.; debts of $48,578.

Angela Presson, 2022 W. Fourth Ave.; debts of $21,670.

Richard Hooker, Endicott, Wash.; debts of $73,336.

Tischa Simpson-McRitchie, 3005 W. Eloika Ave.; debts of $138,668.

Stephen and Barbara Doughty, Sprague, Wash.; debts of $151,925.

Clinton Payne, 609 E. Rowan Ave.; debts of $25,108.

Russell and Donna Wise, 2811 N. Cook St.; debts of $98,637.

Keith Fogarty, and Terri St. Mary, 2201 N. Craig Road; debts of $99,821.

Municipal and District courts

Only fines of $500 or more included unless a jail sentence is given.

Judge Patti Walker

Kevin M. Henrickson, 33; 60 days in jail with credit given for 25 days served, 24 months probation, no-contact/protection order violation.

Carl C. Jones III, 32; 60 days in jail with credit given for 12 days served, no-contact/protection order violation.